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Learn-N-Earn: For Extra Income

The 5 Easiest Ways To Make Money While Learning To Be A Private Investigator.

Stack of CashMake $50,000 or more per year from the comfort of your home.

Need extra $$$ for vacations, college tuition, home improvement or retirement? Ever think about being your own boss? With your personal computer and the GLOBAL training program, PLUS these 5 Learn-N-Earn income-producing projects, you can start the same day you receive your course. It's so simple you can learn it overnight and do it the next day.

With GLOBAL's help you can do any or all of these 5 proven moneymakers in your own home in your spare time. This fantastic information is available only to GLOBAL students and can be yours FREE of charge simply by enrolling in our training program. It is a GLOBAL Exclusive, not available anywhere-at any price.

Here are the 5 businesses that you will learn to operate :

When you enroll, GLOBAL will send you complete details on how to set up all of these profit making business right in your own home! You already have a computer. All you need is the GLOBAL Learn-N-Earn plan with complete directions to start earning money right away. You can make $50,000 or more from each one of these proven winners. And they cost almost nothing to start!

For example, suppose you want to offer a People Finder business or Credit Checking System. Here is what's involved:

As a People Finder you can locate old friends, long lost schoolmates, business associates, military buddies, etc. Follow the steps in our Learn-N-Earn plan and you can charge your clients to perform this needed service. You do not have to do many to make serious money.

Or perhaps you would rather do Credit Checks. There are individuals and businesses in your area that might be interested in having credit checks conducted on someone they do business with without having to pay an outsider the high cost of a credit check.

Apartment rentals managers, local employers who are hiring people, anyone selling a car or a house to a stranger, people planning to get married, etc. Your job would be to check the credit rating of these people quickly and easily. Our Learn-N-Earn program shows exactly how to do this. 10 minutes on your computer and you are done. You can even check your friend or relative's credit rating! At $50 each you do not have to do many to make serious money.

Turn Your Computer Into A Cash Cow…NOW !!!

When you receive your course you will be given the source of information and complete instructions to get started in all 5 of these moneymakers.  No license is required, and no start-up money has to be spent.  All you need is desire and our directions.  It’s that easy and that quick.

Do One Or All of Them.  The More You Do, The More You Earn.

If you want to seriously get into computer moneymaking business while you train to become a Private Investigator, GLOBAL will help you do it.  It’s fast, easy, very profitable, and can be done from your own computer without leaving your home.  You can earn enough money from your client to pay for your course!

Enroll Today and Start Earning Money in a Very Short Time.

GLOBAL has been training investigators and helping people like you earn money at home since 1973.  We can help you now.  Don’t delay.  Every day you wait can cost you money.  Enroll today and start earning extra money while you learn how to become a Private Investigator.

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