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Advantages of Global's Correspondence School

Credentials. Quality. Service. Guidance. Experience.

Global's Exclusive Features

  • You get a total of 25 amazing, action packed lessons
  • Two Graduate Bonuses
  • Illustrated lessons plus hands-on work assignments
  • Actual PI case histories and solutions
  • Step-by-step instructions and insider tips
  • 5 CDs with 10 additional lessons, including field exercises
  • Free lifetime GIDA Association membership
  • Surveillance techniques training DVD
  • Personal guidance
  • Books and Equipment sources
  • 30 day free trial guarantee
  • Respected Gold Seal Diploma
  • Plus much, much, more...

Credentials: The Global School of Investigation is the oldest, largest and most respected private detective school in the world with graduates in over 76 countries and all 50 states. We have been the leader in home study schools since 1973, dedicated to providing the best audio/visual, real-world training possible. Our staff has more investigative experience than ALL other schools combined!

Quality: Global is the only school to offer you video and audio plus work assignments to help you learn more and faster. Our distance learning courses provide the most informative, in-depth, up-to-date and accurate textbook you will ever read, written by one of the country's leading private detectives. Compare our Table of Contents with that of other home study schools. At Global, you will get the best course at the lowest cost. Guaranteed.

Personal Guidance: From your first call to GLOBAL to receiving your Diploma you are in direct contact with our staff of working investigators. Let them prove their commitment to your goal of becoming a private investigator. We are here for you now. Call toll free (844) 733-5300 or Email Us.

Experience: The most in the business both as a school and as a private investigator. No other school has more or does it better than Global. The facts are here for you to see.

More Advantages

Our Correspondence School is Designed to Increase Your Chances of Getting - and Keeping - a Job as an Investigator.
You learn immediately those investigative techniques and procedures you need to get that all-important first job. You learn facts and skills that you can use in everyday situations. You learn how and where to find investigator jobs. You will be shown how to start your own investigative agency for extra income, even a full time business if you choose. With Global training, you will continue to land the best investigator jobs. Some students have used their new knowledge to earn spare-time income even before completing their course! Global experts guide you every step of the way.

Action Training Gives You Knowledge and Experience.
Your Global training is hands-on training. No boring rules to memorize. Each lesson is an easy-to-understand audio-visual-action experience. Actual investigative situations and cases give you on-the-job type training to advance you quickly. You practice the field exercises in your own neighborhood! Learning by doing is the best and most effective way to learn new skills and Global is the only place you can get it. The Global Training Program was specifically written to provide you with everything you need to ensure your advancement.

No Need to Quit Your Regular Job.
With distance learning courses such as the Global home study course, there is no time limit or pressure put on you. You may study when you want. No need to interrupt your life or family responsibilities. No need to quit your regular job or change your schedule. You can start your training at any time, learning at your own pace. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll have access to the lucrative and satisfying investigator jobs you've been looking for. All you need to do is complete the Enrollment Application and send it, along with your tuition, to Global. We'll ship your course to you within 24 hours.

Global's Correspondence School is the Recognized Leader in Detective Training.
The Global course is written by well-known experts. Men and women who know their profession and who have provided you with the absolute best in home study detective training. Clearly superior by actual comparison. No time-wasting cops and robbers or secret agent nonsense but simply the most comprehensive, in-depth and professional training available anywhere at any price. You have our word and our reputation on that. And when you see and listen to it you'll know why we are the "Biggest and the Best" of home study schools for private investigation.

Once a Global Graduate, Always a Global Graduate.
Mr. Ciriello and the entire Global staff take a personal interest in every Global graduate. At any time in the future when and if you need job assistance, answers to your questions, career advice or for other courses of study, you may look to Global for help. The graduates of our private detective distance learning courses are special individuals. These are men and women with the intelligence, ambition and common sense to take and complete our training program. Anyone good enough to do that successfully is worth knowing and we at Global want to be associated with such a person. Global is your partner as long as you want us.

"If you are not quite sure you want to be a private detective, or if you have any questions about the Global training course then I urge you to call me right now. I will answer your questions and help you enter this exciting and rewarding profession."

Edmund R. Ciriello
Toll Free (844) 733-5300 (9 am - 5 pm EST)




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