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B-1 How to Open your Own Agency!

B-2 A Listing of National/Regional/Local Companies that hire PIs!!! With your GLOBAL DIPLOMA we will send you this up-to-date listing of YOUR AREA’s companies.

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Now more than ever, the world needs skilled, professionally trained private investigators and security experts. With GLOBAL SCHOOL OF INVESTIGATION, you’ll learn everything you need to know, including secret tricks of the trade, in 60 days or less. In the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule (there’s no time limit!), you can hone your instincts through online private investigation training and learn about private investigation from working PIs, all of whom trained here at the GLOBAL SCHOOL OF INVESTIGATION.

GLOBAL'S outstanding private detective online course, developed by Edmund R. Ciriello and a corps of experienced investigators, offers a depth and range of their expertise that can’t be equaled by any other program. This Global PI Training Course has the most current, up-to-date and required PI techniques and skills for the modern detective to succeed.

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The GLOBAL SCHOOL OF INVESTIGATION program is the only course developed by noted private investigator Ed Ciriello, with input from a team of experts and a combined 85-plus years of experience. GLOBAL'S course, available in print or online, provides the most detailed, thorough, and comprehensive training you can find anywhere. Read what our graduates have to say!

About the Course

With GLOBAL'S program, you’ll obtain all these skills and more:
                    • Surveillance techniques
                    • Undercover work
                    • Insurance investigations
                    • Computer investigations
                    • PI Photography
                    • Corporate security and investigation
                    • And much, much more!

GLOBAL'S course is available in print or online, for an exceptionally reasonable price. You’ll be able to train at home in 60 days or less, on your own schedule – with no time limit!

GLOBAL SCHOOL OF INVESTIGATION was established in 1973 by noted private investigator Ed Ciriello (1934-2012), who developed the curriculum, working with a team of talented, experienced experts. The course is the most concise, completely updated (as of 1/1/14), and accurate PI training program available anywhere in the world. As one former student, now working as a Private Investigator put it:

"The GLOBAL program prepared me extremely well for the challenges I face in my new career. I love my job, I’m confident in my abilities and education, and I know that Global’s training is better than anything else out there. It was really exciting to learn tricks of the trade in a course with so much experience behind it."
Susan True, Private Investigator
CA License No.14481

The course is offered in print or online. To learn more about Global and sign up, click here!

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Since the Global PI School was founded in 1973, we have graduated thousands of students all over the world who went on to become working Investigators. We are very proud that our course was their first step in this exciting career.

Our competitors may say what they wish about Global but they know that we stand for integrity and excellence. If you click on our BBB NH link you will see that we are a Member in good standing.



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