Are You the Type of Person Who...

  • Loves to solve problems/mysteries
  • Is inquisitive
  • Is adventurous
  • Has a desire to assist others

Why Should You Choose Global?

The GLOBAL School of Investigation, founded in 1973 by Ed Ciriello, a PI with over forty years of investigative experience, offers you one of the best PI Training Courses anywhere, and at the best possible price. The training that GLOBAL provides is a collaboration of the expertise of a highly seasoned group of PIs who created, and continue to update, the GLOBAL Course materials so that our students have the most current information possible. 

The skills and techniques for many types of investigations that you learn in the GLOBAL PI Course will prepare you for this exciting field. The case studies that are found in the GLOBAL Course will give you an idea of the types of investigations you will be performing as a PI and the field exercises will help you to think the way PIs approach their cases.

The GLOBAL PI School has Graduates all over the world and we hope you will join them. The expertise that GLOBAL provides for you in this excellent PI Training Course will be the first step in a long and profitable career as a PI. We offer the PI Training Course in three ways.

"GLOBAL's training is better than anything else out there. It was really exciting to learn tricks of the trade in a course with so much experience behind it."

Susan True, Private Investigator CA License No.14481

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GLOBAL's Course is available in print or online, for an exceptionally reasonable price. You'll be able to train at home in 60 days or less, on your own schedule, with no time limit!

You Will Receive

  • 25 lessons (over 570 pages)
  • 5 CDs of the Advanced Investigators Program
  • A Surveillance techniques training DVD
  • Diploma (upon successful course completion)

You Will Learn

  • Surveillance techniques
  • Undercover Work & Surveillance Photography
  • Insurance investigations
  • Computer investigations
  • Corporate security and investigation and more


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